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 Was Jesus Christ crucified and did He rise from the dead on the third day?

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PostSubject: Was Jesus Christ crucified and did He rise from the dead on the third day?   Sun Apr 11, 2010 3:16 pm

Flavius Josephus was an historian and eye-witness of these times…
Quote :
3. Now there was about this time Jesus, a wise man, if it be lawful to call him a man; for he was a doer of wonderful works, a teacher of such men as receive the truth with pleasure. He drew over to him both many of the Jews and many of the Gentiles. He was [the] Christ. And when Pilate, at the suggestion of the principal men amongst us, had condemned him to the cross, those that loved him at the first did not forsake him; for he appeared to them alive again the third day; as the divine prophets had foretold these and ten thousand other wonderful things concerning him. And the tribe of Christians, so named from him, are not extinct at this day.
From ANTIQUITIES OF THE JEWS Book XVIII Chapter 3 Section 3. This can be viewed here……..

Who is Flavius Josephus?
Quote :
Josephus was born Joseph ben Mattathias in 37 C.E. in Jerusalem of a priestly and royal family. He excelled in his studies of Jewish law and studied with the Sadducees, Pharisees, and the Essenes, eventually aligning himself with the Pharisees. In 62 C.E. he went to Rome to free some imprisoned priests. After accomplishing this mission through the intercession of Nero's wife, Poppaea, he returned to Jerusalem in 65 C.E. to find the country in revolt against Rome.

Although Josephus had deep misgivings about the revolt, it became inevitable, due to reasons he discusses in his history, primarily the abuses of the Romans; this spurred the growth of fanatical Messianic Jewish movements which believed that the world was coming to an end shortly. In 66 C.E. the Masada was seized by the Zealots and the Romans were on the march; Josephus was appointed the commander of Galilee.

Josephus had to fight a defensive war against overwhelming force while refereeing internecine squabbles in the Jewish ranks. In 67 C.E. Josephus and other rebels were cornered in a cave during the siege of Jotapata and took a suicide pact. However, Josephus survived, and was taken hostage by the Romans, led by Vespasian.

Josephus shrewdly reinterpreted the Messianic prophecies. He predicted that Vespasian would become the ruler of the 'entire world'. Josephus joined the Romans, for which he was branded a traitor. He acted as consultant to the Romans and a go-between with the revolutionaries. Unable to convince the rebels to surrender, Josephus ended up watching the second destruction of the Temple and the defeat of the Jewish nation.

His prophecy became true in 68 C.E. when Nero committed suicide and Vespasian became Ceasar. As a result, Josephus was freed; he moved to Roman and became a Roman citizen, taking the Vespasian family name Flavius. Vespasian commissioned Josephus to write a history of the war, which he finished in 78 C.E., the Jewish War. His second major work, the Antiquities of the Jews, was completed in 93 C.E. He wrote Against Apion in about 96-100 C.E. and The Life of Josephus, his autobiography, about 100. He died shortly after.

Despite his ambivalent role, Josephus was an eyewitness to history, and his writings are considered authoritative. These texts are key to understanding a pivotal point in world history, which has tragic repercussions even to this day.
Found here……
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PostSubject: Re: Was Jesus Christ crucified and did He rise from the dead on the third day?   Sun Apr 11, 2010 3:36 pm

I thought this helpful.....

Quote :
A Timeline of Flavius Josephus

6 C.E.: Matthias ben Joseph (descendant of Hasmonean kings and priests) is born (Josephus' father)
Judaea stops being governed by Jews and becomes a Roman province
26 C.E.: Pontius Pilate becomes procurator of Judaea; riots rise against him due to religious conflict
31 C.E.: Jesus gains following
33 C.E. Jesus is executed
37 C.E.: Josephus is born to prominent parents in Jerusalem
Caligula becomes emperor
41 C.E.: Caligula is assasinated
Claudius becomes emperor and bestows Agripapa with kingship of Judaea
44 C.E.: Agrippa dies; Judaea comes under the rule of a Roman procurator again
51 C.E.: Josephus is recognized for his understanding of Jewish law at age 14
53 C.E.: Josephus goes on spiritual search at age 16; spends time with the Sadducees, Pharisees, and Essenes and lives in the desert with teacher Banus
54 C.E.: Claudius dies
Nero becomes emperor
56 C.E.: Josephus returns to Jerusalem at age 19; decides to allign himself with the Pharisees
62 C.E.: Josephus travels to Rome at age 26; gains the favor of Nero's wife Poppaea who honors Josephus' request to release imprisoned priests
65 C.E.: Josephus returns to Jerusalem and finds the beginning of revolt and the Antonia fortress captured; Josephus advocates against war
66 C.E.: Jewish War begins
Josephus is appointed commander of the Galilee by the revolutionary government; fortifies the major cities
67 C.E.: Roman forces march into Galilee under Vespasian
Gadara falls; Josephus withdraws to Jotapata
Jotapata falls after a six-week siege
Josephus is captured; claims the Messianic prophecies that initiated the war applied to Vespasian, and thus made him destined to become Emperor
Vespasian likes what he hears and keeps Josephus as hostage and interpreter
68 C.E.: Nero commits suicide
69 C.E.: Vespasian is proclaimed Emperor
Josephus is therefore freed; takes Vespasian's family name of Flavius; marries a captive
70 C.E.: Vespasian's son Titus takes command of the forces in Judea
Josephus divorces his wife; gets married to another woman in Alexandria
Josephus fails to persuade the leaders of the revolt to surrender
Temple of Jerusalem is destroyed; War ends with Titus taking Jerusalem
71 C.E.: Josephus moves to Rome and becomes a Roman citizen
Receives comission from Vespasian to write the history of the War
73 C.E.: Josephus' son Hyrcanus is born
75 C.E.: Josephus receives a gift of land in Judaea from Vespasian
Josephus divorces his second wife; marries a Jewish woman of Crete
76 C.E.: Josephus' son Justus is born
78 C.E .: Josephus' "The Jewish War" is published
Josephus' son Simonides Agrippa is born
79 C.E.: Vespasian dies
Titus becomes Emperor
81 C.E.: Titus dies
Domitian becomes emperor
93 C.E.: "Antiquities of the Jews"
100 C.E.: "The Life of Flavius Josephus"
Found here.....
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PostSubject: Re: Was Jesus Christ crucified and did He rise from the dead on the third day?   Tue Apr 27, 2010 5:24 pm

I have this work. It has in it the record of crucifiction and resurrection.
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PostSubject: Re: Was Jesus Christ crucified and did He rise from the dead on the third day?   

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Was Jesus Christ crucified and did He rise from the dead on the third day?
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